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Where emerging tech meets government: Blockchain & AI

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Where emerging tech meets government: Blockchain & AI

December 13th, 2018
CCCB (Mirador Room)

When it comes to emerging technologies, blockchain and AI are top of mind in business and culture, and the public sector is no exception. Each has sparked a great deal of curiosity at all levels of government, from local to national.

Public servants are interested in the transformative impact and disruptive potential blockchain and AI will have on their day-to-day work, especially in terms of public service delivery, automation of labour, identity and privacy, decision making, security, and policymaking.

Though blockchain and AI have a long way to go before we will see their full integration into government operations, some forward-thinking public innovation departments are already testing prototypes, proofs-of-concept and even piloting applications that use emerging tech to power real public services.

Complicating things further, the meaningful uptake of blockchain and AI will force governments to take on new roles and prioritize complex challenges such as coordinating scientific research, developing talent, investing in educational programmes and skills, facilitating private sector adoption, tabling new ethical standards and regulations, and building secure digital infrastructure.

The next edition of Mobile Talks will take a deeper look at these complex challenges and explore opportunities that emerging technologies like blockchain and AI can bring to the public sector.

Digital Future Society, programme of Mobile World Capital, will bring the brightest minds working at the nexus of tech and society to share their own experiences with emerging tech and how they envision the future of public services in the digital era.



Boyd Cohen
Cofounder and CEO at Iomob

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., is an urban strategist focused on the areas of urban innovation, entrepreneurship, smart cities and the Internet of Mobility. He has published 3 books (Climate Capitalism, 2011; The Emergence of the Urban Entrepreneur, 2016; Post-capitalist Entrepreneurship, 2017).  He is a professor at EADA Business School and a Fellow at the Singapore University of Social Sciences in their Fintech and Blockchain group.  In 2017, he co-founded iomob, a blockchain startup seeking to decentralize the mobility sector by providing an open protocol for the Internet of Mobility (IoM).  He is also leading the Blockchain Cities Alliance. He regularly provides keynotes on smart cities and mobility around the globe and appears in the media, recently being the special guest expert on CNBC.

Christina Patsioura
Senior Analyst at GSMA Intelligence

As a Senior Research Analyst, Christina is leading the Emerging Technologies research within the GSMA Intelligence and is developing forward‐looking research focused on the transformation of the TMT industry and the wider digital ecosystem. Christina has recently produced a number of reports on the topics of IoT and Blockchain, 5G devices, Smart Mobility and Artificial Intelligence for future networks. She regularly engages with the industry across a number of events, where she participates as a speaker or a moderator. Past events include Mobile World Congress, Blockchain World Expo, IoT Tech Expo and LPWA London.

Christina holds a Diploma (Master of Engineering equivalent) in Mechanical Engineering, with a specialisation in Industrial Engineering, from the National Technical University of Athens.

Alex Puig
Chief Technology Officer at Caelum Labs

Alex Puig is a software R+D engineer and tech entrepreneur. Due to his interest in cryptocurrencies, he founded Digital Currency Summit, a conference aiming to debate about the
economic impact of blockchain and decentralized technologies in our society. His areas of interest are Blockchain, DAG, Self Sovereign IDs, Zero Knowledge Proof and
Tokenomics. He also founded Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem, the first National Wide semi-public blockchain Platform, and now is leading the Technical Team at Caelum Labs, a Blockchain
consultancy and development firm based in Barcelona.

Ulises Cortés
AI Research Group Manager & Director of Institutional Relations at Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)

Ulises Cortés is a Full-Professor and Researcher of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) since 1982 (tenured since 1988 and habilitated as Full-Professor since 2006) working on several areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Software Department including knowledge acquisition for and concept formation in knowledge-based systems, as well as on machine learning and in autonomous intelligent agents . Since 2017 Professor Cortés is the scientific manager of the High Performance Artificial Intelligence group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Since 1989 Professor Cortés and his group have been applying their work in Artificial Intelligence to Environmental Sciences in special to Wastewater Treatment Plants with the financial support of CICyT and CIRIT and the European Union.

Carina Lopes
Head Digital Future Society Think Tank at Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Carina Lopes works at Mobile World Capital Barcelona where she leads the strategy and oversees the work of the Think Tank, a core initiative of the Digital Future Society (DFS) programme. With the support of eighteen international organisations, the DFS Think Tank is a transnational project focused on the commissioning, curation and interconnection of research, knowledge-exchange and advocacy on the complex ethical, legal and inclusion challenges emerging from the design, usage and governance of digital technologies. Previously, she worked as d-LAB Programme Manager, responsible for its strategy and setup in 2016.

Over the last decade she has specialised on leveraging tech development for positive urban change and social impact, working both with local governments and social entrepreneurs on accelerating the implementation and growth of tech solutions for social good. Previously, while at Citymart (2012-15) she worked on innovation projects with cities like Barcelona, Moscow and Athens, local government teams in the US, South Africa, Japan and Brazil, and with the initiative 100 Resilient Cities (Rockefeller Foundation). She has also supported the Committee of Culture Agenda 21 from the largest world association of cities and local governments (UCLG) on cultural, local urban governance and economic development issues. She holds a PhD in Cultural Studies (2016) from the Goldsmiths College, University of London.


CCCB (Mirador Room)
Calle de Montalegre 5, Barcelona