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Technological Trends

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Technological Trends

March 15th, 2017
9:30h - 11:30h

Are we aware of what affects the emergence of the digitalisation in our lives? Are we ready to do what it takes? Increasingly, the emergence of new technologies and its constant change requires us to adapt to new economic and social models.

We have entered in the third industrial revolution due to the development of new technology systems. This transformation changes the industrial process, affecting transversely to all sectors. Also, it transforms the business models and it creates completely new ones.


Thanks to the AI (artificial intelligence), businesses can understand and better adapt its functions through the creation of new algorithms that go beyond the traditional ones. In addition, the block chain has managed to transform the current concept of the economic system.

Mobile Talks offers the opportunity to learn about these and other new technologies that also will be presented at the MWCongress, the International Congress which held the most disruptives technologies of the present.


TBC (Madrid)